Monday, October 24, 2016

New Jersey Basketball

Found this video of Isaiah Briscoe of the University of Kentucky (original owner Jaime Boyer). I followed him during his high school years at Roselle Catholic in New Jersey. I over-dubbed the video with a Jurassic 5 song.

The other two dunkers are Chris Silva who plays at the University of South Carolina and Matt Bullock who is at Rutgers now.

The timing was pretty good in spots, at 1:02 Jurassic 5 over-dubbed crowd and hoop announcers in their song, then Briscoe breaks a guys ankles with a crossover dribble. At 1:19 "You can't come in here..." as he is rejected but then scores with relentless effort.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Love

Dark shores surround you
I swim from the bottom
After all these years
Still trying to reach you

You want me with you
But I can't get there
It's no fault of ours
The world got in the way

I swim towards the current
But the ocean is relentless
Your island well guarded
But I think I know the way

My demons haunt me
Sea serpents stalk me
Hope never leaves me
And you never show me

How to reach you
I want to touch you
What's stopping me
It's not this old sea
It's me

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pot Stocks and Animal Instincts

Below are my texts verbatim to a friend today. I have no idea what the fuck it means...pls enjoy.

Exactly never
know just

If one of your restos
burned down and
the stock (assuming
ur resto had stock
under symbol
"*&$&") tumbled
50% I would try
to buy the
whole float

Because I know
you guys and I
know 1 store is

All about the
model etc

That is how the
market works.
That's it

Conversely if
"&$*&" doubled in
price because
you kept
we would
unload all of our
stock if we were

Because we
know like you
always say this
is a commodity
are set

Never abdicate
your own
intuition and
expectations to
me or anyone
else when trading
your $$$

So now you
know if you do
this you will
have positive
expectancy (you
will bank $$$)

BUT...if you or
I are a douche
we will lose. Any
pang of hope,
fear, greed will
cost you and me
big $$$

You have to pay
attention and
not give a fuck
which ofcourse
most people
can't do

With CANN we
know it is over-
valued for

But we are
betting on
emotion. We
want the animal
instincts to take
over for others.

We want to sell
to the pie in the
skiers at $8.
The believers

But that could
be us right now.
happily sold to
us $4.30ish

MY FRIEND: So crazy

We should be
suspicous lol!!!


The smart smart
money bought
at $1 not $4.30


But JP Morgan
once said "I
make money on
the middle 60%
of trends. I'm
not interested in
picking bottom
or tops"

So we are in
accordance with
old JPM

The greatest
speculator of all
time Jesse
Livermore blew
his brains out

People worship
this guy, I was
always like "wtf"
this guy killed

MY FRIEND: -------no response------

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Galloping Hill Driving Range, October 1, 2016

Five Iron


Practice notes

1. Your swing is your swing never change it

2. My swing key will always be keeping my hands away from my body. My Achilles heel is getting stuck and behind on down swing when my arms get too inside.

3. Tempo is really everything. Good tempo corrects a lot of swing flaws.

4. Buy a smaller bucket at range and spend more time putting and chipping.

5. Everything keys off my take away. The longer the club the more important the take away. It's outside the path I am accustomed to/grooved in after many years of not playing much. Have to retrain and re groove take away.

6. Focus on hitting putts well (in the sweet spot).

7. After video review only additional comment is with the wedges focus on shortening the swing without getting quick. I tend to get a little long in the back swing with wedges inadvertently when I'm focusing on tempo.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saucon Valley Old Course

Shot 81 from white tees at SVCC. Here is link to SVCC Scorecard . My notes are below that I took prior to round. Above is me practicing on practice tee at facility.

Future practice should be focused on 56 degree and 60 degree wedges inside of 50 feet.

1. Prioritize swing path on long shots.

2. Prioritize feel, soft hands, and alignment inside 120 yards.

3. Long putts uphill need more than you think.

4. Long putts downhill need less than you think.

5. From 2 to 20 feet putt for break and speed.

6. Reads not what you think they are.

7. Soft hands around green chips. Use your knee on chip shot in deep rough
to kill hands.

8. You will have to adjust putting speed constantly today.

9. Slow down swing 120 and in. Soften hands.

10.Get closer to ball on all shots.

11.Trust your reads and stroke it.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Based On A True Story/ trading non-sequitur #2

Take time for your friends and family. Even when they interrupt you at the worst moments. Because those are the best moments to live, learn, and love.

Track 5 "Dark Days" from Fat Freddys Drop first studio produced album "Based On A True Story".

from my heart
learning to be a friend for the first time,
for the first time in so long, for so long 8x

***Misty Horns***

feel like i'm losing time when i worry
because yesterday won't change
starting to free my mind from the shadow of doubt
that keeps me in darkness

testing the air outside
my chamber into the danger
pushing my limits high
to the redline and over it
why have i waited so long, for so long 8x

"Based On A True Story" debuted at number 1 and went gold its first day. The band is from New Zealand.

Trading non-sequitur #2

Pull up a chair, life takes a while. Fast is the new stupid. Resilience, energy, and enthusiasm trump anything else.

Just because you don't know where you're going, doesn't mean you're on the wrong path. Pay attention, navigate, accept outcomes, move on.

Don't fuck around the second you know you've made the wrong choice/trade. Hanging on, ruminating, and hoping lead to pain and loss. Hope is a beggar.

Don't show up if you haven't prepared. You're asking for trouble.

Conventional thought is useless. 

Playing by the rules generally leads to average results. 

Expose yourself to risks that others aren't willing to take, accept and manage loss responsibly. Eventually these risks will pay returns well in excess of average.

If your kids tell you you said or did something in the past, they are probably right. Just deny it, then privately accept that you are an asshole.

Trust yourself more than anyone else. Otherwise, you're useless to everyone else.

Getting things done right takes at least twice as long as you think. The pain and loss caused by not getting things done right is at least 4 times what you think.

Understand the downside of your upside. Getting what you want in life involves sacrifice. Most things and people must take a back seat. Those closest to you need to understand this.

When the bank account is low, the worst thing you can do is focus on money. Like staring at the tree you are skiing towards. Swerve, settle down, and figure out how to make more money.

When the bank account is high, exchange dollars for Kwan (experiences, oneness).

Yesterday is over, can't change it.