Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saucon Valley Old Course

Shot 81 from white tees at SVCC. Here is link to SVCC Scorecard . My notes are below that I took prior to round. Above is me practicing on practice tee at facility.

Future practice should be focused on 56 degree and 60 degree wedges inside of 50 feet.

1. Prioritize swing path on long shots.

2. Prioritize feel, soft hands, and alignment inside 120 yards.

3. Long putts uphill need more than you think.

4. Long putts downhill need less than you think.

5. From 2 to 20 feet putt for break and speed.

6. Reads not what you think they are.

7. Soft hands around green chips. Use your knee on chip shot in deep rough
to kill hands.

8. You will have to adjust putting speed constantly today.

9. Slow down swing 120 and in. Soften hands.

10.Get closer to ball on all shots.

11.Trust your reads and stroke it.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Based On A True Story/ trading non-sequitur #2

Take time for your friends and family. Even when they interrupt you at the worst moments. Because those are the best moments to live, learn, and love.

Track 5 "Dark Days" from Fat Freddys Drop first studio produced album "Based On A True Story".

from my heart
learning to be a friend for the first time,
for the first time in so long, for so long 8x

***Misty Horns***

feel like i'm losing time when i worry
because yesterday won't change
starting to free my mind from the shadow of doubt
that keeps me in darkness

testing the air outside
my chamber into the danger
pushing my limits high
to the redline and over it
why have i waited so long, for so long 8x

"Based On A True Story" debuted at number 1 and went gold its first day. The band is from New Zealand.

Trading non-sequitur #2

Pull up a chair, life takes a while. Fast is the new stupid. Resilience, energy, and enthusiasm trump anything else.

Just because you don't know where you're going, doesn't mean you're on the wrong path. Pay attention, navigate, accept outcomes, move on.

Don't fuck around the second you know you've made the wrong choice/trade. Hanging on, ruminating, and hoping lead to pain and loss. Hope is a beggar.

Don't show up if you haven't prepared. You're asking for trouble.

Conventional thought is useless. 

Playing by the rules generally leads to average results. 

Expose yourself to risks that others aren't willing to take, accept and manage loss responsibly. Eventually these risks will pay returns well in excess of average.

If your kids tell you you said or did something in the past, they are probably right. Just deny it, then privately accept that you are an asshole.

Trust yourself more than anyone else. Otherwise, you're useless to everyone else.

Getting things done right takes at least twice as long as you think. The pain and loss caused by not getting things done right is at least 4 times what you think.

Understand the downside of your upside. Getting what you want in life involves sacrifice. Most things and people must take a back seat. Those closest to you need to understand this.

When the bank account is low, the worst thing you can do is focus on money. Like staring at the tree you are skiing towards. Swerve, settle down, and figure out how to make more money.

When the bank account is high, exchange dollars for Kwan (experiences, oneness).

Yesterday is over, can't change it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Khizr Khan and His Mighty Sword

"We live in a cynical, cynical world."
Jerry McGuire

I have to admit, I was hopeful. Khizr Khan's DNC speech on July 28th of this year moved me, not so much emotionally, but philosophically. The pen was indeed mightier than the sword that night, a Pakistani Muslim's eloquence had captured the hearts and minds of the American people.

The original "pen/sword" quote can be found in a play written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton that opened in London's Covenant Garden in 1839.

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the C├Žsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!

In 2004, Khizr's son Humayun was killed when the driver of a Taxi in Baqubah, Iraq detonated 200 pounds of explosives. He was a Captain in the Army at the time, and ordered his subordinates to stay back from the vehicle. He then stepped forward to assess the situation, and lost his life.

It's not that I wasn't moved emotionally. The Khan's lost everything when they lost Humayun, and I cried for them. As they stood at the podium that night, their sadness, emptiness, and pain was palpable.

Admittedly, for a split second my fears of a Trump victory overtook me. I thought, man these look like nice, well meaning old people, but is this part of the strategy to reverse Trump momentum? Fuck.

He then said something at the 10 second mark, and got his first reaction. He described he and his wife "as patriotic American Muslims, with undivided loyalty to their country." I sat up, he had my attention.

That sentence alone  may have knocked Trump back 5 points in the polls.

Then it happened. He addressed Mr. Trump personally at the 3:12 mark, and said "Let me ask you, have you even read the U.S. Constitution?" And after his final finger jab at Trump, each one quicker than the last, out came Mr. Khan's copy of his pocket Constitution.

Whoa. You have to understand, that even for a progressive, open-minded individual like myself, to see this was transformative. 

I won't get into my 9/11 story but I was there, and it destroyed me. I was lucky, the scars were only emotional. A friend I've since met (NYC Fireman) spent 3 months pulling body parts out of that hole.

More than 3,000 people died that day, and whatever innocence this great country had left, exited for good via Greenwich St. in those diabolical smoke clouds that ripped through downtown Manhattan streets like giant tornadoes. I witnessed evil that day.

Nonetheless I tried hard at the time to control emotion, and I approached every Muslim I could with kindness and without fear. In fact my best friend at the time was a Pakistani Muslim. We talked for days, months, years. Conclusion, we are all the same. Shocker.

Since then, Americans have been subjected to a consistent dose of negative conditioning. Daily news stories, images, and videos of Islamic terror left one exasperated. Propaganda from every source imaginable was ubiquitous. Terrorists, news organizations, and politicians bombarded us with bullshit. All of it was for the purpose of discrediting Muslims.

Like anyone else, I lacked faith at times. I had to beat back irrational thoughts, with intellectual ones. It was hard not to think in weak moments, that Muslims were inherently violent. But then I would go out into the world and have incredibly positive experiences with Muslims. Sanity prevailed for me.

Mr Khan put any doubts to rest that night when he raised his little Constitution into the air amid the settling roars of the crowd. Holy crap I thought, please tell me young Muslims are watching this. We all witnessed a Muslim male take down a white, loudmouth, billionaire phony in 30 seconds. Not with violence, but with intellect, charisma, and the spoken word. 

Now for the cynical part. On a positive note, Mr. Khan's speech decreased the likelihood of a Trump presidency dramatically in the 2 weeks following the Democratic convention. The blue circle on the chart below approximates the date of his speech. Data is provided by the New York Times "Upshot" column. The red circle indicates when Trump cleaned house inside his campaign.

You see the problem yet? Trump has all but recovered the damage he incurred after the Democratic convention. Perhaps an even bigger problem is the fact that Mr. Khan's speech only got 769,615 YouTube hits. Even worse, more than 20% of those who voted on YouTube clicked "dislike" (yellow highlight below).

Dude, where's my country? I can conclude 3 things here. First, emotion from the voting public provides a short-term boost to a candidate and their poll numbers. Second, the people Trump hired in August know how to manipulate the the electorate and the polls. Finally, young people did not see this speech, and I assume this only due to low YouTube numbers. This is bad news for the Clinton camp. Some state data for the last 2 weeks provided below, all from the Upshot.

I personally think Mr. Khan's speech is of historical importance, but with the politico/media forces that be his impact on the Trump campaign has been blunted if not negated. I, however, will not forget it. The full speech is provided below.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lively Up Yourself

If you love someone tell them. They are all that matter. Literally.

Not the car, the house, or even the money. Just your peeps man.

Give them everything you've got. Everyday. Be grateful for the problems they bring you. You are dead without them.

Look at Bob, dancing in front of the microphone stand. I wanna' dance like that everynight, because I know what comes next. Everyday is a precious gift, pure luck. We are all the products of an incredible streak of luck.

I hate my anger. It's pathetic, draining, unproductive. Give it up, gratitude works better.

My jealously is weakness, my own insecurities based on how I feel about who I am and what I am capable of.

I grow everyday. No matter how bad it gets, I'm present. No matter how bad I fuck it up, I don't walk. Because I know I need the people I love more than they need me.

But they need me.

So lively up yourself, you push the hardest when it hurts the most. And it's o.k. to take a break when you feel good. Time is the rarest of commodities. Cherish it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Tripper

I'm a day tripper. The song of the same name by Lennon and McCartney was referring to a woman who intended to have a brief affair, with no intention of getting serious.

Now I flip corporation's stocks, like they flipped me. Fast, and for a profit. I buy and sell quick, looking for nothing more than a dime or two. Or I borrow stock, short-it, and buy it back just as fast.

I love it. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

My wife does the same thing in her restaurant, no? She buys chicken and vegetables in the morning and sells it in the afternoon. What's the difference? Oh, but sir, her product is perishable so she must do this. Well, in my short time on this planet and my twenty years of chart watching, stocks are perishable too. She just does it better than me.

When I was young, corporations were the big teasers, but they barely took me half the way there. It took me so long to find this out, but I found out, and it was a one way ticket to nowhere. I got duped man.

Corporate life turned out to be a Chinese meal for this fella. Food was everywhere, it tasted good, but an hour later you were hungry. It left me depressed, angry, and starved for meaning in a sea of meaninglessness.

They owned me. Had my fingerprints, all my data and information. And if you worked on Wall St. like I did, they handed it all over to the regulators (government i.e. "the man"). Every quarter. Updated.


"I got a good reason for taking the easy way out..."

Day tripping has been consistently maligned from various directions over the years. Blame the moralists in the south, the righteous academics in the north, corporations, and politicians.

When shit flys in any direction, I generally start with the above four groups in no particular order.

The financial industrial complex (Wall St.) has spent the last twenty years building the biggest, badest, and fastest day trading machines man has ever seen. It was all done on the DL, until the press caught on a few years back.

All the while, they were sending faux research pieces (marketing) to individuals across our great land, admonishing them to invest for the long-term.

These guys are good! Behind every great fortune, there lies a great crime. Bravo. Props. Knuckles (closed fist tap).

Just stay out of my life man. The chains that rattle in my basement at night are those of bankers, bosses, and politicians conspiring somewhere in a dark room to slant drill into my well.

I already pay various regulatory fees (federal and local) on every trade I make. All traders are periodically threatened by a "transaction tax" that desires a piece of our profit if we make it too fast.

What the fuck?

Oh, I forgot I'm a day tripper. Politically expendable. Morally questionable. Practically unnecessary. I pay for other men's crimes, and i'm expected to drop my under-shorts and take it when a scapegoat is needed to tame a blood-thirsty populus.

I love it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trading Notes 09/12/16

Before you get in ask yourself where you'll get out.

Symbols Traded: CUR, NVCR, ADMP, LXRX, UVXY, HNR

Friday, September 9, 2016

Trading Notes For 09/08/16

Subjects: Confidence, Stops, Sizing, FOMO, NTT, Trade Management, Enthusiasm, Envy, Volume.